Videos - an extensive collection of permanent and temporary videos in DVD and VHS format
for a list of our off-air recordings link here *Video Bulletins

CDs - a wide variety of genres including a large collection of sound effects

Professional Library - print and audio-visual materials for staff use

Link here to search for these materials MHS Online Catalog


Kagan materials - see a list of books, CDs, tools etc.

Facsimile machine - phone 309 757-3484

Laminator - laminates items up to 25" wide; cost is $ .20 per foot

Poster Maker - posters are 23" x 31"; cost is $1.00 for a standard poster or $5.00 for a laminated poster Our Poster Maker is no longer operational and will not be replaced but we do have access to the district Poster Maker. Please drop off your requests in AV. It takes 2-3 days and is the same price.

Transparency machine - transparencies are charged to your department or may be purchased for $ .20 each

Scantron Test Scanner - we have two units

Copy Machine - one of three available to the staff, one is located in the Main Office and the other in B317

B224 - located between the AV Office and the Library, this is a multi-purpose area for staff and students with computers, copy machine, fax machine, laminator, Scantron, private video viewing, work tables for grading or other projects and the Computer Technology Support office.

All of these services are available to staff and students. Ask the AV staff for assistance.