*Blogs & Wikis

What is the difference between a wiki and a blog? (according to Teachers First Wiki Walk-Through)

"A blog, or web log, shares writing and multimedia content in the form of “posts” (starting point entries) and “comments” (responses to the posts). While commenting, and even posting, are open to the members of the blog or the general public, no one is able to change a comment or post made by another. The usual format is post-comment-comment-comment, and so on. For this reason, blogs are often the vehicle of choice to express individual opinions.
A wiki has a far more open structure and allows others to change what one person has written. This openness may trump individual opinion with group consensus."

These are Blogs:
Mrs. Kim Anderson's Classroom Blog
Media Center Blog

Right now you are using a Wiki, Wikipedia is also a Wiki. Here are a few other Wiki samples.


Personal or Professional?
Videos from other sites like YouTube or your own videos
Photos using services such as Flickr or Picasa (online photo management and sharing)
Calendars and other widgets

Widget Definition - an element of a graphical user interface such as a button or scroll bar; also, a module of software for a personalized Web page.

Google Gadgets for Webpages

Wikispaces for Educators

Wiki Walk-Through

Before you start your wiki with your class(es), make some basic decisions:
Wiki Step by Stepfor teachers will help you.
  • How do you envision using the wiki? (How will you explain it to parents and administration? Feel free to use the examples here to help.)
  • Who will be able to see the wiki? (the public? members only?)
  • Who will be able to edit the wiki? (the public? members only? vary by section?)
  • Who will be able to join the wiki? (students only? parents? invited guests? the public?)
  • What parts of the wiki will you “protect” (lock from changes)?
  • Who will moderate the wiki for appropriateness, etc?
  • Who will have the ability to reset changes?
  • Will you, as the teacher, be notified of all changes?
  • Will the wiki have Individual or global memberships? (by individual students if you want an individual record of who made changes, or with one log-in per group or class?)

Wikispaces sample: http://teachersfirst.wikispaces.com/
PBwiki sample: http://teachersfirst.pbwiki.com/