The following is a list of TV series and films that are available for online viewing. Some contain accompanying teacher resources such as guides and quizzes. Some may be available by subscribing to a podcast (CNN Student News). Some require a brief registration (Annenberg Media). All are FREE to educators! Every effort is made to check that these links are still active. If you find a problem with one please report it to the AV Department asap. Thanks!

ABC News Primetime "What Would You Do?"
ABC secretly films people faced with a social dilemma.

Annenberg Media
VODs (videos on demand) from multiple disciplines ranging from science and math topics to cinema, economics, history and art. A quick and easy registration is required. This is an extensive collection of quality videos.

BBC Science and Nature
Material about the human body and mind illustrated by top-notch graphics. Study the Nervous System, take the Senses Challenge or play the Skeleton game.
Interactive Body:
Organs, Muscles, Skeleton, Nervous system and Puberty:
Psychology Tests:

Biz Kids
“Biz Kid$” is a program to help people become financially educated, learn work-readiness skills, and to even become entrepreneurs…Biz Kids!!! View the program “Biz Kid$” with your family on Public Television stations all over the country, and also participate by using the “Biz Kids” web site.

The Botany of Desire
Watch the full length video (with lesson plans) from PBS about genetic engineering, the psychoactive nature of plants and the science and beauty of nature.

The Boy With the Incredible Brain
From the Website,
The Boy With The Incredible Brain
The Boy With The Incredible Brain
"This is the breathtaking story of Daniel Tammet. A twenty-something with extraordinary mental abilities, Daniel is one of the world’s few savants. He can do calculations to 100 decimal places in his head, and learn a language in a week.
He also meets the world’s most famous savant, the man who inspired Dustin Hoffman’s character in the Oscar winning film ‘Rain Man’This documentary follows Daniel as he travels to America to meet the scientists who are convinced he may hold the key to unlocking similar abilities in everyone."


Charlie Rose Interview - The Future of Newspapers

Clicker is the complete programming guide for internet television.

CNBC Videos
This link will connect you to CNBC programs that can be watched online or embeded into your website as with the following videos.

Trash Inc., The Secret Life of Garbage

Price of Admission: America's College Debt Crisis

CNN Student News
broadcast of daily news program

C-Span Video Library
C-Span offers over 100,000 full-length videos from TV broadcasts to live political events from all over the world. C-Span also offers

*Current News Watch current news videos at Current News.

*Drew Carey Project & Reason TV A wide variety of political and government issues.

Forecast Weather Earth Videos from the Weather Channel Video clips on environmental issues, weather, ecology, technology etc

*Frontline Online Videos Frontline offers full length videos from their collection of Frontline programming. Includes many archived programs.

Get Schooled: You Have the Right

Get Schooled: You Have the Right formally kicks off "Get Schooled," a five-year national initiative co-developed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Viacom that creates a platform for corporate and community stakeholders to address the challenges facing America's public schools.
Get Schooled: You Have the Right features pop superstar Kelly Clarkson and NBA MVP LeBron James and documents the experiences of successful young adults who work behind-the-scenes to support these famous figures. The program will provide real-life examples of how a commitment to education and a drive to overcome obstacles can create a path to success.

The Great Global Swindle, Part 1

The Great Global Swindle, Part 2

The Great Global Swindle, Part 3

Hulu brings together a large selection of videos from over 260 content companies, including FOX, NBCUniversal, ABC, Criterion, A&E Networks, Lionsgate, Endemol, MGM, MTV Networks, Comedy Central, National Geographic, Digital Rights Group, Paramount, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros., TED and more. Users can choose from current primetime programs including full episodes and clips and Hulu original video productions. Hulu also offers a wide array of acclaimed movies and documentaries, including hundreds of titles from Miramax and the renowned Criterion Collection.

iTunes U Tutorial
iTunes U is a part of the iTunes Store featuring free lectures, language lessons, audiobooks, and more, that you can enjoy on your iPod, iPhone, Mac or PC. Explore over 200,000 educational audio and video files from top universities, museums and public media organizations from around the world.

IPTV Online Videos
Hundreds of full-length videos and video clips from IPTV programming.

Kahn Academy

Watch. Practice.

Learn almost anything for free.

With over 3,200 videos on everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history and hundreds of skills to practice, we're on a mission to help you learn what you want, when you want, at your own pace.

President John F. Kennedy Assassination
The following links are video montages of the Kennedy assassination. Some contain graphic footage.

*MTV - True Life Online Videos

Need to Know
Need to Know is the PBS TV- and web- newsmagazine that gives you what you need to know — along with a healthy dose of insight, perspective and wit. Need to Know cuts through the noise of nonstop news to bring you the most compelling stories of the week and of our times. Online video is available as well as an RSS feed.

NOVA programs are available to watch online, divided conveniently into chapters and closed captioned for deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers.

NOW on PBS engages viewers with documentary segments and insightful interviews that probe the most important issues facing democracy, including media policy, corporate accountability, civil liberties, the environment, politics, social responsibility, and foreign affairs. The Best of 2009 NOW programs are available for online viewing in their entirety. Also, clicking on the Archive link connects to NOW's collection of past broadcasts arranged by air date. Click on the show title to access all of that program's online content including Web-exclusive features, transcripts and related multimedia. The following is just a sampling of what is available from NOW.
food_inc.jpgFood, Inc.
Behind the food we love—Secrets that giant food companies don't want you to know.
gambling_with_health_care.jpgGambling With Health Care
Is the economic collapse creating a health care calamity?
PBS_special.jpgPBS Special Report: Health Care Reform
A PBS investigation on health care reform in America.
student_loan_sinkhole.jpgStudent Loan Sinkhole
How massive student loan debts are sinking American dreams and causing a national economic headache.
on_thin_ice.jpgOn Thin Ice
Himalayan journey reveals how melting glaciers threaten global water and food supplies.
Abortion.jpgAbortion Providers Under Siege
Should violence against medical doctors who perform abortions be viewed and prosecuted as domestic terrorism?

*Periodic Table Videos


Stossel in the Classroom
Looking for ways to get your students engaged and excited—while building on their critical thinking skills AND fulfilling your standards-driven curriculum? Join the more than 120,000 teachers across the country who have experienced the benefits of using these educational and engaging segments from John Stossel in their classrooms. Get your FREE DVDs, supplemental materials or online streaming videos from STOSSEL IN THE CLASSROOM!
On, we make the best talks and performances from TED and partners available to the world, FOR FREE. More than 500 TEDTalks are now available, with more added each week. All of the talks feature closed captions in English, and many feature subtitles in various languages. These videos are released under a Creative Commons license, so they can be freely shared and reposted.

Top Documentary Films

"TDF offers full watchable documentaries and information on documentaries by quoting reviews from trusted sources. In case you decide to buy your favorite documentary film, or you want to get some more information on some of the docs there is a store available for that. Documentaries are classified in categories and you can easily find what you are looking for."